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Pastoral Care (Caomhnóir)

Ensuring that students are happy and feel secure is of crucial importance. Caomhnoirí (Class tutors) are appointed to care for class groups with particular attention to their health, welfare and educational attainment. However, it is essential to note that teachers will not only be excellent subject specialist but also professionals who demonstrate a pastoral and caring role with regard to all students. The group or Rang is named after them. The Caomhnóir develops a close relationship with their Rang by educating themselves on their student’s backgrounds, learning needs and any other relevant information.

A primary aim of CSS is to establish a positive learning environment however it is also recognised that some students may need reprimanding at times. It is important to note that each teacher is responsible for his/her own classroom management and developing positive relationships is an essential first element in the achievement of good management. The basis of the Code of Behaviour is Discipline for learning, Restorative Justice and Practice and an encouragement of student advocacy. Check and connect Check and Connect is an intervention designed to enhance a student’s engagement at school and with learning. Each mentor links with one student, checking in regularly with that student to discuss how they are doing and offering support in a number of ways.

For example:

  • Providing ongoing, consistent and timely monitoring of a student’s behaviour for signs of withdrawal and disengagement: lates, absences, skipped classes, failing tests, falling behind with homework, conduct sheets, detentions, suspensions, etc.
  •  Implementing timely interventions/supports to ensure student achievement and well being, when appropriate.
  • Working with other teachers, management and other support staff to help the student be successful.
  • Problem solving with the student when difficulties arise.