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Student Council

What would happen if we treated young people as someone whose opinion mattered?" 
(Micheal Fullan, Professor of Education)
What is our student council?
At Celbridge community school, everyones opinion matters. Our young people have the power to express their opinions, have such opinions acted upon and ultimately influence their whole school experience.
Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader and one way of facilitating student leadership is through our student council. Our student council hears and acts upon our student voices through a democratically elected student body.
Our student council involves students, teachers, parents and school management working in partnership to benefit daily life at our school.
What is our role at Celbridge Community School?
  • To hear and act on the views of students in matters concerning them

  • To promote communication between students, teachers, parents and school management

  • To promote friendship and respect in our school community

  • To support the management and staff in the development of our schoo

  • To support an environment conducive to the educational and personal development of students