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Positive Relationships


In Celbridge Community School a Positive Relationship culture has been developed and employed with the help of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Peer Mentors and Equality Group.

Peer Mentors and their classes 2017/2018

Internet Safety Ambassador training  23/01/2018


"Today was awesome. Myself,Simran and Daniel went to Facebook for Safer Internet Day Campaign Training.We really learnt a lot of things there.Many people don’t realize how important the internet and staying safe on the internet actually is.We attended a webinar which was was basically a meeting about internet safety and fun facts about social media.They asked us questions like,” Do you read the terms and conditions of your social media accounts” and “Would you ever allow others to take your data even if they don’t own it”.We had a break in between the training sessions and their brownies were amazing.We also did an interview for Safer Internet Day.

Learning how to stay safe on the internet is very important for us especially young people because there are a lot of bad people out there and we have to learn how to #Be In CNTRL 2018 " Maidie  1st year Rang Quirke


Click on the link below to see our  1st year student Simran contributing to a video made on the day.