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Celbridge Community School aims to provide an education that enables all students to contribute meaningfully to their communities, embrace the rights and responsibilities of active citizenship and develop the knowledge and skills needed to live, learn and work in the 21st century.

Benefits Of Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities is focused on the student’s interests and needs. The timetable is developed in conjunction with parents and students based on a process of consultation.


  • Is student led that develops responsibility and leadership skills in our students.
  • Teachers lead activities of interest in a participative manner and building relationships in the school.
  • Physical activity during exam period helps mental focus and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Helps with time Management and prioritising by balancing a variety of different tasks and commitments.
  • Building Relationship Skills that learn to engage and interact appropriately and develop socially finding peers with similar interests.
  • Improves overall physical and mental health.








Celbridge Community School has gotten off to a great start after the first year in the school. Our 1st year Girls team were unlucky to not qualify from their group.

The first year boys team got all the way to the semi-final but fell short and lost by five points.


                                          basketball boys

Interest in Basketball has grown with full teams and massive interest in both first and second year groups boys and girls.

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“The game is still full of joy and the lessons learned from it stay with you . . . even though the game has changed, the old values still flow through it.” (Bill Bradley, Values of the Game)


Basketball builds a number of values such as :

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Work Ethic
  • Patience

Board of Management

The board of management is responsible for the good governance of the school. The day-today running of the school is the responsibility of the principal and the Senior Management Team. The Board will consist of nominees from Educate Together and Kildare and Wicklow ETB, parents/guardians, school staff and the local community. Student representatives will also attend board meetings.

Please click on the links below to view a copy of the Agreed Reports from monthly Board of Management meetings.

Agreed Report 29th August 2018 

Agreed Report 25th September 2018

Agreed Report 12th November 2018

Agreed Report 6th December 2018

Agreed Report 10th January 2019

Agreed Report 14th February 2019

Agreed Report 20th May 2019

Agreed Report 19th June 2019

Agreed Report 26th August 2019

Agreed Report 14th October 2019