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Curriculum and 1st year Taster Programme



Break down of subjects over the 3 years


2017 18 Curriculum



1st year options taster programme

2 subject rotation x 2hours per subject per week for 11 weeks = 1/3 of school year.

Please note that the subject rotation is subject to viability depending on numbers enrolled.




Music 2 hours
Technology/Construction Studies 2 hours
Business 2 hours
Home Economics 2 hours
Technical Graphics 2 hours
Art 2 hours


The ability to speak in front of an audience is a very important life skill. The aim of Debating is to help students improve their confidence and public speaking skills while having fun at the same time. Debating gives students the chance to think about and discuss a wide variety of issues while learning to formulate clear and coherent arguments and the results are always impressive and thought-provoking.


In Debating we meet every week so students can practice these skills in front of their peers. Students suggest motions and, in teams, they prepare to debate in our school league. In addition to this we enter teams in inter-school competitions. For the past two years we have had students competing in the Matheson National Junior Mace to great success.


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Droichead School



Droichead School

Celbridge is delighted to announce that we are a Droichead school.  The Droichead process is an integrated professional induction framework for newly qualified teachers (NQTs).  The main objective of the Droichead process is to support the professional learning of the NQTs during the induction phase, thus laying the foundations for subsequent professional growth and learning for the next phase of their career.

We have a full trained Professional Support Team, who mentor NQTs through the Droichead process.  We look forward to working with NQTs to enrich our school culture.  For more information, please visit the NIPT website.

Development Education

Development education is an educational process aimes at increasing awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing interdependent and unequal world in which we live. It seeks to engage people in analysis, reflection and action for local and global citizenship and participation. It is about supporting people in understanding and acting to transform the social, cultural, political and econnomic structures which affect our lives at personal, community national and international levels.

The school is currently in the process of applying for  WorldWise Global School Passport which would recognice the schools achievement towards a whole school approach to development education.

Students delivering some presentations on Fair Trade and the effects it has on Development.





 The Development Education Committee held a #ClimateStrike outside our school this morning, 20th September 2019, to support the strikes happening across the world to highlight the urgent need to fight climate change. Celbridge Community School was represented at the Dublin strikes by some committee members from TY. Well done to all students involved.

The Development Education Committee


The Development Education Committee




Enterprise Club