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Equality Club

Equality Club

What is our equality club?

‘Equality club represents recognising inequality in society and our school, and raising awareness amongst students and teachers’ (Molly Doyle, 1st year)

What our members say:

‘The equality club is a great way for the school to see what the students see, and really raise the bar of awareness on many different issues like autism’ (Fionn Reilly, 2nd year)

‘I think equality club is great because it really gets students involved and helps the school understand about equality for everyone’ (Hannah Moloney, 2nd year)

What is our role?

At Celbridge Community School, we believe everyone has a right to be treated equally

We don’t just accept diversity, we celebrate it.

Our role is to raise awareness in our school about issues that affect us personally, members of our school community, and wider society.

This year, we are planning exciting school events such as workshops and creating movies that raise awareness about autism, diabetes, cancer and women’s rights to name but a few. 


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