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What is geography?

Geography is the study of the world around us. This includes a combination of people, places and the physical environment.


What will I learn?

In Geography you will study about places, people and what shapes the environment. You will learn how the environment influences people, and how they change the environment.You will develop your ability to draw and understand maps, graphs and diagrams, as well as studying photographs and collecting information outside the classroom through fieldwork.

First year geography students have been exploring plate tectonics, exploding their own volcanoes and tracking earthquake activity in the news. Second year students have been examining the work of fluvial processes in shaping our landscape and third year students have been raising their awareness of issues such as over population and migration.

Geography is divided into three sections:

  1. The Human Habitat- Processes and Change
  2.  Population, Settlement and Urbanisation
  3. Patterns in Economic Activity


How will I learn Geography in school?

• You will work independently, cooperatively and also share information with others

• You will research and gather useful information related to Geography both inside and outside the classroom

• You will learn and use important geographical terms

• You will learn how to read a map and find your way

• You will draw diagrams of natural and man-made geographical features.

Will geography link in with any of my other subjects?

In your studies of Geography, you will develop your communication skills as you would in English. You will study tables and draw graphs as in Mathematics. Geography, like Science, is concerned with the environment. Geography and CSPE both include themes such as care for the environment and issues concerned with the unequal division of the world’s wealth and resources.