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Materials Technology Woodwork


What will I learn in MTW?

how to design a project given a brief description of what you are to make

how to use the internet for research purposes

how to use freehand sketching to communicate your ideas

how to prepare a design drawing/plan of a project you design

how to read design drawings and make small projects from these drawings

how to safely use a range of hand and power tools in producing your design. 

How will I learn MTW in school?

examine trees, their leaves and seeds and be able to recognise their varying characteristics investigate how trees affect the environment around us

learn to sketch freehand

learn how to problem solve and use a design process to design projects

develop your craft skills to allow you to make projects

prepare a design folder to accompany your project. 

What is the MTW Junior Certificate exam like?
coursework – you will design a project based on a 
given design brief (instructions).You will then make the project and prepare a project folder to accompany it (66%).

written examination – there will be a two hour written paper which examines the woodwork theory you have learned over the three years (33%).